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Extreme Competition: Innovation and the Great 21st Century Business Reformation. "Peter Fingar has fused a gem of a book under the pressure of the need for change. I started to read Extreme Competition and I could not put it down until I finished it, except what was necessary to sustain life. I rarely take time to "drink in" a book about business revolution, but this book has the potential to guide a significant change in the way we look at business."
--Jim Sinur, VP Distinguished Analyst, Gartner Research.
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IT Doesn't Matter, Business Processes Do. From the Library Journal, "Smith and  Fingar are both heavily involved in the IT field, notably in the area of business process management. They have written a vigorous rebuttal to Nicholas Carr's provocative article about the commodification of the IT industry, which was published in the May 2003 issue of the Harvard Business Review and drew some notable rebuttals from the New York Times, the Washington Post, and other sources. Instead of proclaiming the death of IT, the authors see a new age dawning of business process management (BPM). They dispute the idea that in many ways IT has become a utility and assert that business processes are taking over where data processing has left off. ... a spirited commentary on a controversial subject and a strong defense of the importance of the IT industry."  Read more.

Busines Process Management: The Third Wave: Seminal book on BPM. This book heralds a breakthrough that redefines competitive advantage for the next fifty years. Don't bridge the business-IT divide: Obliterate it! The book is the first authoritative analysis of how third-wave business process management (BPM) changes everything in business and what it portends. While the vision of process management is not new, existing theories and systems have not been able to cope with the reality of business processes --until now. This book describes a radical, simplifying shift in process thinking and technology that utterly transforms today's information systems and reduces the lag between management intent and execution. Read more.

The Real-Time Enterprise: Powering Profits with Process Automation. This book goes under the covers of the buzzwords and hype to examine the many facets that make up the notion of a real-time enterprise. It shares insights gained from the authors experiences on the front lines with pioneering companies that have already recognized what it means to become a process-managed, real-time enterprise, and are working intensely to become such. The book also asseses its implications for business strategy. The book's answers the question of what the real-time enterprise portends for competitive advantage in business.  Read more.

The Death of 'e' and the Birth of the Real New Economy.  is unquestionably the birth of a new understanding of where the real new economy is headed. The book clearly explains the new business models for value chain optimization, collaborative commerce and the critical role of enabling technologies for conducting business at the network's edge: Web-services, peer-to-peer computing and intelligent agents as well as integrated Commerce Resource Platforms. Over 15 industry thought leaders contributed to the work, making it the most comprehensive analysis available, and a crisp synthesis for companies to chart their course to the digital economy. "A delightful find and a must read for today's companies that want to thrive in the 21st century economy." --John Seely Brown, Chief Scientist, Xerox, Former Director, Xerox Palo Alt Research Center, Co-author, The Social Life of Information, Harvard Business School Press. Read more.

In Search of BPM Excellence.  Business process innovation is on the minds of executives these days, and for good reason. In the 1990s, companies also had a focus on business processes. They used enterprise-wide networks to tear down walls between functional departments and reengineered their companies to remain competitive. Today, the universal connectivity of the Internet makes it possible to tear down walls between companies to reinvent entire value chains. The result? We are now witnessing a grand globalization of white collar work, outsourcing, offshoring and other new forms of extreme competition. Industry and national  boundaries have become a blur. All is changed, and no industry is exempt. Pioneering companies have already disrupted incumbents and come from nowhere to dominate their industries. Their secret sauce? Business process management (BPM). This book brings together some of the best minds to explore the role and value of BPM, and what it portends. In its pages you will find the essential discussions and insights, straight from the thought leaders. Read more.

Enterprise E-Commerce. Dr. Bud Tribble, Chief Technology Officer, Sun/Netscape Alliance, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "This book provides a solid business and technology discussion of how .com changes everything in business -- and what it portends. My advice for the Internet generation of business and technology leaders is -- Just read it!"   They have -- the book was adopted by over 50 of the highest ranked graduate and undergraduate programs, the first printing sold out in 8 weeks, and was translated into Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Korean. In its first four weeks it ranked among the top readings at J. D. Edwards and Yahoo. Read more.

The Blueprint for Business Objects. Cambridge Universtiy Press and Prentice-Hall. "This is truly a synthetic work, bringing in knowledge not only from the object world, but also from business process management and organizational change. I strongly recommend it for anyone charged with implementing a reengineering program, or for that matter any major change in organizational direction." -- Thomas H. Davenport, Professor and Director, Information Management Program, University of Texas Graduate School of Business.

Next Generation Computing: Distributed Objects for Business, with Dennis Read and Jim Stikeleather, Cambridge Universtiy Press and Prentice-Hall. "The book's unconventional presentation of short, crisp papers on all the essential topics makes it a must-read for the new generation of business and technology leaders."
-- Scott McNealy, President and CEO, Sun Microsystems.

  -Screencsts, Articles and Proceedings-

Cloud Computing: Its Impact on Business
8-Minute Screencast

The Business Technology rEvolution: Whither the CIO? (Podcast) 
19-Minute Podcast

Clouburst 2009 (Screencast, Presentation-pdf)
International Cloud Computing Conference
October 2009, The Netherlands

Avatar on Cloud Computing (Screencast)
2-Minute Screencast

Shift Happens (Screencast)
Megatrends in Business and Technology

BPM Overview (Screencast)
26-Minute Screencast

BPM and SOA - Better Together (Screencast)
10-Minute Screencast

11-Min Preview of Extreme Competition (Screencast)
11-Minute Screencast

Supply Chain in the Cloud (Webinar)

From 21st Century Supply Chains to 21st Century Business Networks
(Prerecorded backup version for a live Webinar)

What CEOs Want From Their CIOs (Studio Webcast: 38-min Excerpt) 

Watch the Full 1 Hour program

VMWorld 2010- San Francisco  (Keynote)
Keynote Presentation Materials for WYSE Technologies

Listening Posts, Sockpuppets, Trolls, Drones and Trust (Feature)
BPTrends, May 2011

Peter Fingar contends that we’ve moved beyond BPM 2.0 and are already in BPM 3.0—a realm in which social networks drive the conversation about your company. Traditional market research techniques won’t work in today’s world. Read Peter’s Column to learn more about BPM 3.0 and whether or not you are a sockpuppet.

BPTrends, March 2011
There's a new game in the business world called BRICs--Innovation--Blowback. Innovations are now starting to flow from the world's emerging markets: Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC). What effect will this have on the world as we know it? Peter suggests that to withstand the impact of this cataclysmic shift, it's time to rethink the structure of our companies and move away from a "top management" organization. For details of his proposed restructuring, as well as some astonishing economic data, read his thought provoking Column.

The Meaning of 21st Century Business--Unleashing the Power within Using Social Networks
BPTrends, January 2011
If, as Peter Fingar contends, social networking is working its way into the definition of a successful enterprise, what can you do to ensure that your organization survives in this world of "business as unusual?" Peter exhorts us to get beyond the hype curve and look within our own public and private communities for inspiration. Read his compelling view of the "dizzying world we live in."

Process on Demand and Cloud Services
BPTrends, November 2010
In his Column this month, Peter Fingar argues that without BPM, the Cloud remains a passive environment that can save an organization money and eliminate some operational headaches. But, adding a process layer to the Cloud can revolutionize the way business services are created and consumed and can provide an organization with a significant competitive advantage.

Fractal Enterprise Architecture and BPM - Can UML or BPMN Model a Cloud?
BPTrends, September 2010
Peter Fingar contends that existing Enterprise Architecture approaches and today's BPM systems lack the flexibility to accommodate Cloud based, loosely coupled, stateless architectures. These architectures feature complex business ecosystems made up of large numbers of participants spread across the globe. Peter's solution? An agent-oriented BPM. Read his Column to learn precisely what that term means and to learn how you can respond to Peter's questions and participate in an on-going discussion of agent-oriented BPM.

Whither the CIO?
BPTrends, June 2010
In an environment where customers are increasingly turning to Social Networks for information required to make purchasing decisions, and where internal business units are increasingly turning to Cloud service providers for the resources required to get work done, what is the role of the CIO? Peter sees the next generation CIO as a strategic agent for business transformation.

Enterprise as a Service (EaaS) - That's Where BPM Comes In

BPTrends, April 2010
Are you in the Larry Ellison camp and wonder, "What the hell is cloud computing?" And furthermore, do you wonder, "What does it have to do with BPM?" If these are questions you've asked in the middle of all the hype around cloud computing, Peter offers some answers. Read his Column for his take on how BPM sets enterprise cloud computing apart from consumer cloud computing and why it will provide a competitive advantage, in the 21st century, to companies that embrace it.

Social Networks, Innovation and the MITH Myth
BPTrends, February 2010
Fingar turns his attention to the compelling topic of social networks and their relevancy to the changing role of information technology in business. He sees social networks not as time-wasters but as a new source of business intelligence - places where work gets done and innovation is born. Your boss may not agree, but you should read Peter's Column and form your own opinion

Cloud Computing: It's about Management Innovation
BPTrends, December, 2009
Fingar describes the power of process-driven Cloud Computing and suggests that organizations taking a wait and see attitude are traveling at their own risk. In fact, he posits that the best way to undermine your competitors is to tell them that Cloud Computing is just a bunch of hype.

Service Process Management (Feature)
BPTrends, October 2009

Work 2.0
The Future of Work (Book Chapter)

Read an Excerpt from Dot.Cloud
TechTarget's IT Knowledge Exchange, July, 2009 (Complete Chapter)

Dot.Cloud -- Business Platform for Our Century
CIO Magazine, July, 2009 (Interview)

Cloud Computing and the Promise of On-Demand Business Innovation
Intelligent Enterprise, July, 2009 (Cover Story)

Business Process Management and Systems Thinking (Invited Talk)
Whitney Symposium: The Engineering of Customer Services, GE Global Research , June, 2009

Cloud Computing Set to Change Roles in IT
TechTarget's IT Knowledge Exchange, June, 2009

Cloud-Oriented Business Architecture and Situational Business Processes (Feature)
BPTrends, June, 2009

The Business Platform in the Sky (Feature)
BPTrends, March, 2009

The Process-Managed Org Chart:
---The End of Management and the Rise of Bioteams
BPTrends, January, 2009

The Battleground States
BPTrends, November, 2008

BPM is Dead: Viva La BPM (Feature)

BPTrends, September, 2008

Business Process Management: The Next Generation (Feature)
BPTrends, June, 2008

On the Road to Tacit Interaction Support (Feature)
BPTrends, April, 2008

Get Your Head into the Clouds (Feature)
BPTrends, February 2008 

BPM Directions: Go Straight and Keep On Turning (Feature), February 2008

Innovation Pioneer of the Year: You!
BPM Institute, November, 2007

EDP Audit and Control Redux (Feature)
BPTrends, November 6, 2007

Questioning Innovation
BPM Institute, September, 2007

Innovation's Child (Feature)
BPTrends, September 4, 2007

Upside Down and Outside In
BPTrends, July 03, 2007

It's the Global Economy, Stupid!
Ebizq, June 27,2007

The Globalization of Innovation
BPM Institute, June 22, 2007

Shift Happens!
BPTernds, May 1, 2007 
(Watch the related video)

This and That 2.0: In Search of the Holy Grail of Innovation Through Collaboration
BPM Institute, March 14, 2007

Riding the Third Wave Aftermath: Smith and Fingars "Third Wave"
stirred up a tide that soaked the feet of infrastructure vendors in cold water
4th Wave Coming?

By EDS's Janne J. Korhonen, BP Community,  March 2007

The Greatest Innovation since BPM (Feature)
BPTrends - March 06, 2007

The MBA is Dead, Long Live the MBI
BPTrends - December 05, 2006

Innovation as a Business Process
BPM Institute,  November 14, 2006

Extreme Competition: The Singaporean Connection
BPTrends - September 05, 2006

Understanding Innovation: What Exactly is Innovation, and how does Innovation Happen?
BPM Institute, (Roundtable) August 1, 2006

U.S. Businesses Facing Fierce New Competitors
Central Valley Business, July 2006 (listen to interview)

Extreme Competition
Ebizq, June 12, 2006

Changing Change Itself
BPTrends - June 06, 2006

All Is Changed, Changed Utterly
BPTrends - April 03, 2006

My Taxi Drivers Know More Than My Neighbors - A Trip Report
BPCommunity, April, 2006

Process Powered E-Gov: Does Your Agency Grok Process
BPM Institute, April 3, 2006

Competition Gets Extreme
BPTrends - February 07, 2006

BPM's "Missing Link"
BPM Institute,  January 5, 2006

The Virtues of Incrementalism
BPM Institute, December 22, 2005

The Coming IT Flip Flop
BPTrends - December 06, 200

Government's BPM Imperative
CIO Magazine, November, 2005

Learning to Become a Process-Managed Enterprise
BPTrends - October 04, 2005

Taking The BPM Message To The Corner Office
BPM Institute, (Roundtable) October 19, 2005

7 Critical Strategies for Success in BPM
BPM Institute, (Roundtable) October 5, 2005

The Great 21st Century Business Reformation
BPM Institute, September 29, 200

Peter Fingar speaks out on the Process Managed Enterprise-Part I
Peter Fingar speaks out on the Process Managed Enterprise-Part II

CIO Magazine Interview, September, 2005

Competition Gets Extreme (Cover Story)  (PDF Version)
CIO, (Based on interview) by Sue Bushell, September 2005

Systems Thinking: The "Core" Core Competency for BPM
BPTrends, September 06, 2005

BPM: The Next Generation (Feature)
BPCommunity, August, 2005

Mastering Business Process Management
BPTrends - May 03, 2005

Intelligent Enterprise, May 1, 2005, May, 2005

Building the Process-Managed, Real-Time Enterprise
Ebizq, April 24, 2005

Get Ready for Extreme Competition: The Business Case for BPM
BPM Institute,  April 21, 2005

The New Rules of BPM
BPTrends - April 05, 2005

The Third Wave: The Next Generation
BPTrends - February 01, 2005

Tear Down This Wall (Interview)
Intelligent Enterprise, February 1, 2005

No More Business as Usual
BPM Institute, January 13, 2005

BPM 2005
BPTrends - January 04, 2005

Structuring the BPM Conversation - Part 1
BPTrends - November 02, 2004

Is Speed the Measure of Success?
Ebizq, October 06, 2004

IInnovate, Reinvent, Win
Transform Magazine, October, 2004

The Third Wave: BPM Due Diligence
BPTrends - September 07, 2004

The Process of Working with People: Person-to-Person Business Process Management
BPTrends - September 07, 2004

Systems Thinking: The "Core" Core Competency For BPM
Ebizq, August 24, 2004

Learning To Become a Process-Managed Enterprise, Or: Why All-Star Teams Are Clumsy
Ebizq, August 16, 2004

The BPM Greenhouse
Ebizq - August 3, 2004.

Process Management Maturity Models
BPTrends - July 06, 2004

Green Forms and the Genesis of Reengineering
BPTrends - June 01, 2004

The 'Strategy-Execution Machine': The 'Future Of Competition'
Ebizq, May 3, 2004

Outoperate Your Competition Using BPM
BPTrends - May 01, 2004

Do You Grok PROCESS?
Howard Smith - April 06, 2004

Assimilating BPM: Col. Sanders' Secret Recipe
Ebizq, April 5, 2004

The Naming of Cats
BPTrends - March 02, 2004

Business Process Fusion is Inevitable
BPTrends - March 02, 2004

Mastering Business Process Management
Ebizq, Feburary 9, 2004

BPM is Not About People, Culture, and Change. It's About Technology
BPTrends - February 03, 2004

BPM 2004
BPTrends - January 06, 2004

Love Affair With Web Services Waning?
Ebizq - January 5, 2004

Workflow is Just a Pi Process
BPTrends - January 6, 2004

Digital Six Sigma
BPTrends - December 2, 2003

Making Profits Out of Thin Air
Ebizq, November 3, 200

BPM at the Crossroads
November, 2003

What's BPM For?
Ebizq, October 3, 2003

Seeing The BPM Light
Ebizq, Septermber 8, 2003

Rumors Of IT's Demise Are Highly Exaggerated
Ebizq, September 2, 2003

The Death of CRM Apps and the Birth of Customer Process Management
BPTrends - September 2, 2003

King Tut Might Have Been Proud
Ebizq, August 11, 2003

Clearing Up Confusion Over What BPM Really Is
Ebizq, July 14, 2003

Twenty-First Century Business Architecture
SOA World Magazine, June 2003.

A Chasm Must Be Crossed
Intelligent Enterprise, June 27, 2003

Putting Information Back Into IT
Business Integration Journal, July, 2003

BPM's Underpinning: The Pi Paradigm
Ebizq, June 2, 2003

BPM's Third Wave
BPTrends - May 04, 2003

Business Process Management: From Now On
Ebizq, March 31, 2003

BPM Systems: The Great Enablers
Ebizq, March 10, 2003

Don't Bridge the Business IT Divide: Obliterate it!
EAIJournal, March, 2003

IBM And Microsoft Messing With BPM Standards Development?
Ebizq, March 21, 2003

Tearing Down 20th Century Silos With 21st Century BPM
Ebizq March 3, 2003

BPM Systems: The Great Enablers
Ebizq March 3, 2003

BPM's Third Wave: From Modeling to Management
Ebizq, Februart 3, 2003

BPM's Third Wave: Build To Adapt, Not Just To Last
Ebizq, January 20, 2003

From Process Reengineering to Process Management
Darwin Magazine, 2003

Coordination, Coordination, Coordination
Darwin Magazine, 2003

The Humble But Mighty Business Process
Darwin Magazine, 2003

LexisNexis: What's BPM For?
Darwin Magazine, 2003

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad
Darwin Magazine, 2003

A Conversation
Darwin Magazine, 2003

BPM Suites: Contenders vs. Pretenders
Darwin Magazine, 2003

Competing for the Future With Business Process Outsourcing
Darwin Magazine, 2003

The Little Big Man of Business
Darwin Magazine, 2003

A New Path to Business Process Management (Feature)
Optimize Magazine, October 2002

The Integrated Value Chain: BPML and the Next Frontier
Internet World, July 2002

The Next Fifty Years
Internet World, July 2002.

The Real-Time Enterprise
Internet World, June 2002.

Business Process Management Systems (Feature)
Internet World, May 2002

Making Business Processes Manageable 
Internet World, April 2002.

Business Process Management Systems
With Howard Smith, Co-Founder of BPMI.ORG, Internet World, May 2002.

Web Services: Some Straight Talk 
With Software Visionary David Litwack, Internet World, June 2002.

The Integrated Services Environment: Managing Web Services 
With Pioneering CTO Steve Benefield, Internet World, May 2002.

Future Uncertain
Infocomomy (UK), April 2002.

Revolution in Process (Overview of Collaborative Commerce 2002 Conference, London
After the new economy, a far more important and fundamental revolution will follow. Review: Death of 'e'
March, 2002.

Digital Tapestry . . .

A Monthly Business Column in Internet World....

The New MBA Curriculum,  August 2002
The Shift From Systems Development to Business Process Management 

The Real-Time Enterprise, 
July 2002
Why Every Company Must Become a Real-Time Enterprise 

The Next Fifty Years,  June 2002  
There is Something Dreadfully Wrong With IT Only Pi-Calculus Can Fix

HoPE Springs Eternal May 2002 
Where There's Hype There Just Could Be HoPE

The Fourth Tier, April 2002 
Don't Close the Patent Office Just Yet

The Great Preparation,  March 2002 
Breaking Out in a Downturned Economy

Process, Process, Process,  February 2002 
Process Collaboration is Needed for Value Chains to Work

Web Services Among Peers, January 2002 
Infrastructure for the Next Increment in the IT Revolution

Getting Back to Basics, December 2001
Use Internet Technology to Enhance Existing Relationships.

The Globalization of White Collar Work: The Real E-Revolution
, October 2001  
For better or worse, we have already crossed the threshold to the globalization of our most prized asset
--the value-adding core competencies of our enterprise.

The Little Big Man of Value Chain Innovation, September 2001  
It's easy to overlook the small fry, but trying to keep your value chain going without them 
is a losing proposition.

Both Sides of the Coin
, August 2001  
Integrate the Internet as part of your business strategy 
if you want to fully optimize your corporate value chain.

Empower Your Customers:  the Driving Forces of the Real New Economy
Internet World, July 15, 2001.

Mastering Collaborative E-Business (Feature)
CIO Magazine, June 1, 2001

Ten Myths of the New Economy
EAI Journal/ Business Integrator,  Fall, 2001.

Don't Just Transact, Collaborate
CIO Magazine, June 2001

Advice on Sustainable Competitive Advantage
CommunityB2B, September 2001.

Value Chain Optimization: The New Way of Competing
Supply Chain Management Review, Sept/Oct 2001
Email pfingar [at] to request information about this article.

Competing Through Value Chain Optimization
Decision Sciences Institute Proceedings, November 2001.

National Radio Tour February 2000
Radio interviews aired across 19 cities in the USA

21st Century Markets: From Places to Spaces  
FirstMonday (refereed), April 2000 

Customer Care: Through the E-Commerce Looking Glass

MRIReserach / Anderson Consulting, February 2000

E-Commerce: Transforming the Supply Chain  
Logistics Magazine, April, 2000

The Value of the Value-Chain in E-Business  
Computerworld, July, 2000

Component-Based Frameworks for E-Commerce  
Communications of the ACM, October 2000
Email pfingar [at] to request information about this article.

B2B E-Commerce: The Third Wave             
SiliconIndia, March 2000

Components Crucial for E-business Development  
Applications Development Trends, March 2000

E-Commerce Business and Technology Strategies  
CommerceNet, August 1999

E-Commerce: The Third Wave  
A White Paper

Enterprise Architecture for Open eCommerce  
Component Strategies magazine, February, 1999.  

Intelligent Agents: The Key to Open eCommerce  
Component Strategies magazine, April, 1999

A CEO's Guide to eCommerce Using Object-Oriented Intelligent Agents
CommerceNet Research Report #98-19, September, 1998.

The Blueprint for Open Ecommerce                  
Component Strategies magazine, November, 1998.

Competing for the Future with Intelligent Agents  
Distributed Object Computing magazine, October 1997.

Developing Enterprise Systems with Intelligent Agent Technology  
Part II: Distributed Object Computing magazine, November, 1997.

The Business of Distributed Object Computing  
with Jim Stikeleather and Jim Clarke, one of the most widely read articles on the business implications of emerging technology! Object Magazine, April, 1997.

Business Objects
Object Magazine, Cover Story, January, 1997.

Object-Oriented Knowledge Transfer 
A White Paper condensing many of the ideas in
The Blueprint for Business Objects.

The Learning Architect                           
Inside Technology Training, March, 1997.

Enterprise Learning Architectures
Inside Technology Training, April, 1997.

Reschooling the Corporation
Object EXPO, New York, August 1996.

Distributed Objects for Business 
Getting started with the next generation of computing, 
With Jim Stikeleather, SunWorld Online, April, 1996.

Glossary of Object-Oriented Terminology for Business
with Mike Aube and Leslie Newberry, SunWorld Online, April, 1996.

Shared Objectives
with Dennis Read and Robert Ettl, 
CIO Magazine, April 1995.  

"Process Innovation in the Independent College: Transforming Work Through Information Technology," University of Tampa, 1993.
"The Virtual Electronic Campus: Long Range Plan." University of Tampa, 1992.
"Computer Training Lessons from the Desert Sands," Computerworld, April, 1991.
"Structuring Computer Training for Industry," Proceedings, 8th National Computer Conference, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, 1985.
"The Electronic School," Proceedings, 7th National Computer Conference, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 1984.
"Computing Training in a Geoscience Environment," Proceedings of the 5th Gulf Computer Conference, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 1985.
"Computing Systems Requirements of the Distribution Industries," Small Systems World, October, 1978.
"EDP Training Perspectives," Proceedings, 5th Congress on Data Processing in Europe, Vienna, Austria, 1977.
"Summary Documentation: Maybe all you need," Journal of Systems Management, April, 1977.
"DP Tools Vital to Emerging Nations," Computerworld, 1977.
" A Model DP Curriculum," Small Systems World, September, 1977.

"The Use of Active Transparencies for Teaching Computing Concepts," Association of Educational Data Systems Monitor, October, 1976.
"Computers Vital to the Development of the Kingdom," Arab News, Saudi Arabia, 1976.
"Minimizing Operator Intervention Using System/3 Procedures," Small Systems World, November, 1973.
"The Use of APL in Modern Business Curriculums," Business Education Forum, October, 1972.
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Seminars and Speaking Engagements-

About Peter's Talks.

Gartner BPM Summit, Keynote: Peter's presentation was a call to action that can't be ignored! While the content was compelling and visionary, it also provided practical lessons and the urgency to apply those lessons immediately.
---Jim Sinur, VP and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner Research

Peter's presentation provided both content and clarity. The content was insightful and visionary, but pragmatic. The
clarity allowed Peter to connect with our combined business and technology audience -- no small challenge. His
presentation was stimulating and his enthusiasm contagious.
---Gregory D. Tranter, CIO, Allmerica Financial

Peter, I want to thank you for a truly excellent keynote speech on Monday morning. This was a high-impact talk with
exactly the right message for our institute's audience, and it created a buzz that continued throughout the week. Again, thanks, and I'll look forward to working with you again.
---David L. Wells, Director of Education, The Data Warehousing Institute

Peter has engaged audiences across the world.
London, Paris, Toronto, Riyadh, Vienna, Munich, Milan, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Dubai, Cairo, and across the USA:
The Great 21st Century Business Reformation (London), Power of Process World Tour (9 cities in USA & Europe)
Collaborative Commerce Conference (London), CIO Masters Series (Toronto), Egyptian Cabinet address (Cairo),
AAA Auto Club IT Symposium (Montreal), Lockheed-Martin IT Symposium (Washington), Object EXPO (New
York), Silverstream (Novell) Web-Services Briefings (13 city tour), Young Presidents Organization (Cairo), Lectures:
MIT and Notre Dame, Agile Business Conference (London), Chordiant CRM Symposium (New York), Assn. of IT
Professionals National Conference (Florida), 5th Gulf Computer Conference (Dubai), Technical Resource
Connection's Wall Street Briefing on Object Technology (New York), 5th Congress on Data Processing in Europe
(Vienna), IBM Insurance Technology Symposium (NY), The 4th Annual Distributed Computing Seminar (Tokyo),
E-Commerce Forum (Riyadh), Allmerica Financial IT Summit (Mass.), National Computer Conference (Jeddah).

Partial Listing of Keynotes and Lectures:

Gartner BPM Summit,
Nashville, Keynote, 2006

Process 2006, Keynote

BPM Institute 2005-6 Keynotes
(Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, and New York)

Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Assocation, "Integration-to-Innovation," Keynote, 2007.

CanYou Compete?  Keynotes, Appian / 10-city tour, 2007.

The Power of Process World Tour: After The Nature of Innovation talk by actor John Cleese, of Monty Python fame, Peter talked about How to Execute on Innovation using the power of process. This Energizing E-business tour was kicked off by e-business pioneer, Dr. Pehong Chen, CEO of Broadvision, and the message of the process-powered Web was delivered to audiences in Santa Clara, New York, Chicago, London, Paris, Washington, New York, Milan, Munich and Tokyo.

Competing on Time: The Real-Time Enterprise, Georgia State Graduate School, 2007.

BPM-Forum, Obliterate the Business-IT Divide, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2007.

Extreme Competition, Vanderbilt University, 2006, USF Executive MBA, 2007.

The Data Warehouse Institute Conference, Las Vegas, 2005.

Brooks Automation Symposium, Kewynote, Pheonix, 2004.

Collaborative Commerce, The Next Ten Years,
Collaborative Commerce Conference, Keynote, London, February 2002.

The New Way of Competing,
Notre Dame EMBA, February 2002.

Web Services - The Hypeless Revolution,
MIT Sloan School, Cambridge, May 2002.

Business Models, Technologies and Strategies for the 21st Century,
University of Colorado MBA, University of South Florida EMBA, University of Tampa MBA, 2001 -2002.

eXtend Your Business with Web Services, Keynotes,
13 City Seminar Tour with SilverStream Software, November, 2001.

Hollistic Approaches for B2B Collaboration,
B2B Collaborative Commerce Conference, Keynote, London, May 2002.

The Real-Time Enterprise: Business and Technology Drivers,
The Real-Time Enterprise Conference, Keynote, London, June 2002.

Thriving in the Digital Economy,
American University of Cairo, May, 2001.

Digital Egypt and the New Economy,  
Address to the Egyptian Cabinet, Cairo, February 2001.

On to the Real New Economy, 
Young Presidents Organization, Cairo, October 2002.

Ahead of the Curve,
Allmerica Financial Services Technology Conference, May, 2001.

eMarketplaces: Foundation for the Digital Economy, 
2nd Saudi E-Commerce Forum, Riyadh, November 2000.

Beyond E-Commerce: On to the Digital Economy, 
Internet Business Association International, Tampa, February, 2001. 

"Component-Based Commerce: Building The Digital Economy," The 4th Annual Distributed Computing Seminar, Tokyo, March 2000.

"E-Commerce: Your Race for The Digital Economy," AITP National Conference, Tampa, April 2000.

CIO Masters Series, "Systems Architecture: The Business Imperative!," Toronto, June, 1996.
Object EXPO, New York, "Reschooling the Corporation," August 1996.
5th Gulf Computer Conference, "Computing Training in a Geoscience Environment," Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 1985.
GTE Data Services, "EDP Controls Seminar," 1979.
GTE Data Services, "Information Management Seminar," 1979.
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