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About Peter's Talks

Peter has engaged audiences across the world:
London, Paris, Toronto, Riyadh, Vienna, Munich, Milan, Tokyo,
Johannesburg, Dubai, Cairo, Shanghai, Montreal, Jeddah, and across the USA

Gartner BPM Summit, Keynote: Peter's presentation was a call to action that
can't be ignored! While the content was compelling and visionary, it also provided
practical lessons and the urgency to apply those lessons immediately.

Jim Sinur, VP and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner Research

Peter's presentation provided both content and clarity. The content was insightful and
visionary, but pragmatic. The clarity allowed Peter to connect with our combined
business and technology audience -- no small challenge. His presentation was stimulating and his enthusiasm contagious.

Gregory D. Tranter, CIO, Allmerica Financial

Peter, I want to thank you for a truly excellent keynote speech on Monday morning. This was a high-impact talk with exactly the right message for our institute's audience, and it created a buzz that continued throughout the week.
Again, thanks, and I'll look forward to working with you again.

David L. Wells, Director of Education, The Data Warehousing Institute

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Intersystems Global Summit: The Cognitive Internet of Everything
Watch the opening of the keynote delivered to an audience of 1,000 in Orlando Florida.

Click /\ to watch
Email to request viewing of the full talk

The Power of Process World Tour
The Nature of Innovation talk by British Actor, John Cleese (aka Monty Python), preceded Peter's talk: How to Execute on Innovation. This Engergizing E˗business tour was kicked off by e˗business pioneer, Dr. Pehong Chen, CEO of Broadvision, and the message of the process-powered Web was delivered to audiences in Santa Clara, New York, Chicago, London, Paris, Washington, New York, Milan, Munich and Tokyo.

IBM Impact Global Conference
Each year, IBM throws this event to bring together both IT professionals and business pros in order to network, share and learn about the latest technology trends including cloud architecture, BPM tools and of course service-oriented architecture.

Watch the short trailer of a 45 minute talk...
Email to request viewing of the full talk

PEXWeek: The Next Wave of BPM: A.I., Cognitive BPM and You (Orlando)

The Great 21st Century Business Reformation (London)

Collaborative Commerce Conference (London)

CIO Masters Series (Toronto)

Egyptian Cabinet address (Cairo)

AAA Auto Club IT Symposium (Montreal)

Lockheed-Martin IT Symposium (Washington)

Object EXPO (New York)

Silverstream (Novell) Web-Services Briefings (13 city tour)

Young Presidents Organization (Cairo)

Lectures: MIT and Notre Dame

Agile Business Conference (London)

Chordiant CRM Symposium (New York)

Assn. of IT Professionals, National Conference (Florida)

5th Gulf Computer Conference (Dubai)

Technical Resource Connection's Wall Street Briefing on Object Technology (NY)

5th Congress on Data Processing in Europe (Vienna)

IBM Insurance Technology Symposium (New York)

The 4th Annual Distributed Computing Seminar (Tokyo)

E-Commerce Forum (Riyadh)

Allmerica Financial IT Summit (Massachusetts)

National Computer Conference (Jeddah)

VMWorld, Keynote for WYSE Technologies (San Francisco)

WYSE CEO, Tarkan Maner, Peter, and Geoffrey (Crossing the Chasm) Moore

Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association, "Integration-to-Innovation," Keynote, 2007

Can You Compete?  Keynotes, Appian / ABPMP.org 10-city tour, 2007

Gartner BPM Summit, Keynote (Nashville)

Process 2006, Keynote (London)

Brooks Automation Symposium, Keynote (Phoenix)

The Real-Time Enterprise: Business and Technology Drivers, The Real-Time Enterprise Conference, Keynote, London, June 2002

Hollistic Approaches for B2B Collaboration, B2B Collaborative Commerce Conference, Keynote, London, May 2002

Collaborative Commerce, The Next Ten Years, Collaborative Commerce Conference, Keynote, London, February 2002

eXtend Your Business with Web Services, Keynotes, 13 City Seminar Tour with SilverStream Software, November 2001

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Screencasts and Proceedings

Cloud Computing: Its Impact on Business
8-Minute Screencast

The Business Technology rEvolution: Whither the CIO? (Podcast) 
19-Minute Podcast

Cloudburst 2009 (Screencast, Presentation-pdf)
International Cloud Computing Conference
October 2009, The Netherlands

Avatar on Cloud Computing (Screencast)
2-Minute Screencast

Shift Happens (Screencast)
Megatrends in Business and Technology

BPM Overview (Screencast)
26-Minute Screencast

BPM and SOA - Better Together (Screencast)
10-Minute Screencast

11-Min Preview of Extreme Competition (Screencast)
11-Minute Screencast

Supply Chain in the Cloud: e2Open (Webinar)
In this webinar, best-selling author Peter Fingar and E2open SVP Lorenzo Martinelli discuss the imperatives and challenges of transforming 20th-century supply chains into 21st-century business networks. The "wow" about cloud computing isn't about on-demand IT; it's about on-demand business innovation. (Webinar hosted by RaptureWorld)

From 21st Century Supply Chains to 21st Century Business Networks
(Prerecorded backup version for a live Webinar)

What CEOs Want From Their CIOs: IBM (Studio Production: 38-min Excerpt) 

                       Watch the Full 1 Hour program (send email request here)

VMWorld 2010- San Francisco  (Keynote)
Keynote Presentation Materials for WYSE Technologies.
Event Co-Keynote with Geoffrey Moore of Crossing the Chasm Fame

Business Process Management and Systems Thinking (Invited Talk)
Whitney Symposium: The Engineering of Customer Services, GE Global Research, June, 2009

Shift Happens!
BPTernds, May 1, 2007 
(Watch the related video)

Understanding Innovation: What Exactly is Innovation, and How Does Innovation Happen?
BPM Institute, (Roundtable) August 1, 2006

U.S. Businesses Facing Fierce New Competitors
Central Valley Business, July 2006 (listen to interview)

Revolution in Process Overview of Collaborative Commerce 2002 Conference, London
After the new economy, a far more important and fundamental revolution will follow.

internet.com Review: Death of 'e'  March 2002

National Radio Tour  
b2bnetwork.com February 2000
Radio interviews aired across 19 cities in the USA

Reschooling the Corporation
Object EXPO, New York, August 1996

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Partial Listing of Lectures

Competing on Time: The Real-Time Enterprise,
Georgia State Graduate School, 2007

BPM-Forum, Obliterate the Business-IT Divide, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2007

Extreme Competition, Vanderbilt University, 2006, USF Executive MBA, 2007

BPM Institute 2005-2006 Keynotes (Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, and New York)

The Data Warehouse Institute Conference, Las Vegas, 2005

On to the Real New Economy, Young Presidents Organization, Cairo, October 2002

Web Services - The Hypeless Revolution, MIT Sloan School, Cambridge, May 2002

The New Way of Competing, Notre Dame EMBA, February 2002

Business Models, Technologies and Strategies for the 21st Century,University of Colorado MBA, University of South Florida EMBA, University of Tampa MBA, 2001 - 2002

Ahead of the Curve, Allmerica Financial Services Technology Conference, May 2001

Digital Egypt and the New Economy, Address to the Egyptian Cabinet, Cairo, February 2001  

Beyond E-Commerce: On to the Digital Economy,
 Internet Business Association International, Tampa, February 2001

eMarketplaces: Foundation for the Digital Economy, 2nd Saudi E-Commerce Forum, Riyadh, November 2000

Thriving in the Digital Economy, American University of Cairo, May, 2000

E-Commerce: Your Race for The Digital Economy,
AITP National Conference, Tampa, April 2000

Component-Based Commerce: Building The Digital Economy, The 4th Annual Distributed Computing Seminar, Tokyo, March 2000

Systems Architecture: The Business Imperative!, CIO Masters Series, Toronto, June 1996

Reschooling the Corporation, Object EXPO, New York, August 1996

Process Innovation in the Independent College: Transforming Work Through Information Technology, University of Tampa, 1993

The Virtual Electronic Campus: Long Range Plan, University of Tampa, 1992

Computing Training in a Geoscience Environment, 5th Gulf Computer Conference, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 1985

Structuring Computer Training for Industry, 8th National Computer Conference, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, 1985

The Electronic School, 7th National Computer Conference, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 1984

Management Control of Computer Systems, Dallah/Avco, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 1982

Future Communication Networks, University of Petroleum & Minerals Seminar Series, Dhahran, 1982

Computer Impact Seminar, Arabian Data Systems,  Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 1981

The Use of Personal Computers in Business, Tampa Chamber of Commerce, Tampa, 1980

EDP Controls Seminar, GTE Data Services, 1979

Information Management Seminar, GTE Data Services, 1979

EDP Training Perspectives, 5th Congress on Data Processing in Europe,  Vienna, Austria, 1977

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