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Most business technology companies produce white papers. Often, however, in-house white papers  are viewed as advertorials or infomercials. Savvy companies, on the other hand, commission recognized thought leaders to write about new topics in a generic manner. White papers written from an independent point of view, free from obvious product and service self-promotion, will allow the readers to freely explore the topic without a forced sales pitch. Self-educated readers are more likely to favorably view sponsoring companies as confident and competent industry leaders. Ditto for Case Studies.

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Here are some of the Peter's thought leader colleagues
ready to do white papers and case studies:

Jim Sinur, Fmr. Gartner V.P. and Author
Vinnie Mirchandani, Fmr. Gartner V.P. and Author
Jim Odell, Chair, FIPA Agent Modeling Committee and Author
Kiran Gaimella, Fmr. CIO at GE and Author
Jim Boots, Fmr. Lead for BPM Transformation at Chevron and Author
Keith Harrison-Broninski, Expert on Human Interaction Management
Jonathan Sapir, Expert on Smart Process Apps
Michael Hugos, Expert on Supply Chain Management and Author
Andrew Spanyi, Management Consultant and Author
William Ulrich, Business Architecture Guild and Author

Here are some of the white paper and case study topics
our thought leaders are ready to address:

Cognitive Computing
Enterprise Cloud Computing
Smart Process Apps
Business Architecture
Virtual Business Networks
Human Interaction Management
Leadership and Management
Process-Oriented Architecture
Adaptive Case Management
Big Data
Multidiscipline Innovation
Open Innovation
The Internet of Things
The Future of Work
3D Printing
Industry 4.0

Intelligent Business Operations
Supply Chain Management 2.0

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